Skål Bali

Dear Skålleagues,

Welcome to 2021 and the Chinese Year of the Ox!

What a different world we are all living in now, 2020 has been a strange and difficult time for all of us.

It has been encouraging to see such a wonderful attendance and the excitement expressed by our members who have attended our recently reintroduced luncheons. One member compared the lunch at Taman Bhagawan as waking up on Christmas day. 

Looking ahead at this year’s upcoming lunch venues, Skål Club Bali will be visiting some brand new venues and re-visiting some of our old favourites. You are all in for a real treat!

We have already confirmed quite a varied selection of lunch and cocktail venues, thanks mainly to our Skål  Events Manager Stefan Mueller.

I remember back in the day everyone who attended a Skål lunch had to pay for their own beverages during lunch, but now because of our generous sponsors we have the privilege of being able to enjoy Hatten Wine, Bintang beer, Balian Mineral Water and Squeeze Juices free during lunch from 12.30pm to 2pm.
If you would like beverages before and after lunch we have arranged with the venue that we all receive special priced beer at Rp.35,000 net and a glass of Wine at Rp.75,000 net.

Skål is a Travel & Tourism Club, therefore only those listed categories in the hospitality industry will qualify as members, based on the ruling from the Skål Head Office in Spain.
As a guest you are allowed to attend the lunch a maximum of two times a year but you can only attend if you are invited by a fully paid up member. So if you are  attending more than two times a year then please ask to sign up to become a member.

With regards to lunch no shows. We would appreciate it very much if you let us know at least 24 hours before the lunch date as a courtesy to our host venue.

I believe ‘Skål’ to be Bali’s premier Travel & Tourism organization and a trusted voice in the industry with our professionalism, expertise and global reach!  

As our Skål Club Bali Membership continues to grow, our monthly lunch provides an opportunity to our members, guests and visitors for networking, friendships, personal career development and business growth with fellow Skålleagues and reflects our club motto, "Doing Business Amongst Friends". 

I am so proud to be part of our amazing group of tourism professionals and I am really looking forward to welcoming you to our monthly lunch gatherings on the first Friday of every month as we begin a new year.

See you at the next Skål event!

Yours in Skål,

Stuart Bolwell
Skål Club Bali