About Bali

They call Bali ‘The Island of the Gods’ and with due reason.

With over 20,000 Temples and palaces, the island's rich cultural heritage is visible everywhere. Many colorful festivals and ceremonies (including cremations) are carried out in what seems a daily basis, and nearly every ceremony involves either music or dance.
After you’re cultural experience Bali offers so much more, such as spectacular sunsets at Kuta beach and Tanah Lot Temple, go White Water Rafting, ride an Elephant at Taro, Cruise to Lembongan or for the sports minded there’s Golf, Adventure Parks, Scuba Diving, Fishing and an array of different Water sports.

In Bali’s early tourist days it was the Surfer that put Bali firmly on the tourist map. Those surfers are still enjoying some of the best beaches in the world that the Island has to offer.

Apart from the beaches, Bali's natural attractions include picturesque rice terraces, towering volcanoes, pristine crater lakes, fast flowing rivers, sacred caves, jungle ravines, waterfalls and lush tropical forests full of exotic wildlife.
If it’s Nightlife that you’re looking for, Bali has it all. From cosy sidewalk Bars and Cafes to Internationally acclaimed Nightclubs, offering reasonably priced drinks with entertainment provided by either Live Music or Local or International DJ’s.  
The pace normally picks up after Dinner with some late night clubs open until the early hours. 

Once again voted the world’s favorite Island destination, Bali is definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to Dining. You can choose from local sidewalk delicacies to International fine dining and indeed at a price to suit every pocket.
Most restaurants in Bali are open until 10 or 11pm, although you can now find many late night eateries with some restaurants open around the clock
If you are lucky enough to stay in a five star hotel your meals will be prepared by some of the world’s best chefs, while in the popular sidewalk cafes and restaurants you can choose from quick and easy meals, local dishes or International cuisine.
Then add to this some of the most exotic dining locations in the world and you know you have arrived on the Island of the Gods.

Bali is undoubtedly a Shopaholic’s paradise. Every imaginable handicraft is available to the visitor, who even has the opportunity to see the products being made in the local villages.
Bali is notably famous for its Wood and Stone Carvings, Woven and Dyed Fabrics, Silver jewelry, Paintings and Semi Antique and Modern Furniture.
Most shops in Bali are open at 10am until 9 or 10pm.
Shopping in the main tourist areas you will find mainstream handicrafts and trinkets, which the visitor can negotiate (or haggle) for a good price, or there are the tourist markets such as Sukawati market, on the way to Ubud, where you will find a wider range of products some already at bargain prices.
For those looking for famous International brands and designer labels, they can be found in the more up market shops, surf shops or large Shopping Malls
Remember, in most Tourist shops haggling for a good price is part of the fun of shopping and is expected. When haggling for a good price, start at half the price the shop owner asks for then meet in the middle.

Where better than the tranquility of a Tropical Island like Bali to enjoy your favorite Spa treatment.
Bali has always been associated with mind and body healing treatments, being closely related to its cultural heritage. 
The Spa business In Bali is enjoying an upward trend, from local salons to hotels with their own Spa, many which are magnificent, offering their guests an increasing range of therapy and healing treatments.
Every Spa is different, with a basic listing of treatments on offer and their own signature Massage or Body Treatment.
And for some it’s not just the treatment, but the location. Some are beachside others in peaceful mountain retreats or overlooking idyllic mountain rivers.
Bali really has become the Spa capital of Asia, if not the world!

There are lots of taxis in Bali but the preferred taxi to use is the blue ‘BLUEBIRD’ taxis. They are reliable, clean and always use the meter.

The Indonesiann Rupiah is currently Rp.9200 to US$1

Banks will change all currencies and are open from 9am to 3pm.

There are many Money Changers in Bali. Always make sure you are the last one to count the money, never trust the calculator used by them and watch out if the rate they offer does not include their commission. The KODAK Camera shops Money changers have a very good reputation

Automatic teller machines are in abundance in Bali. ATM’s can give you cash from your Credit card, but make sure you bring your Password with you.

There are TAXIS, you can rent CARS (with DRIVERS) Motorbikes, Bicycles and the local Mini Buses which are very cheap, these are called BEMOS.
Are accepted for car rental purposes.

Accommodation ranges from 5 Star Hotels, Villa Rentals, to US$10 a night Losmans (Backpacker Hotels).
Please                           Mohon   
Thank you                     Terema Kasih
Good Morning              Selamat Pagi  
Good Afternoon           Selamat Sore (soree)
Good Evening              Selamat Malam  
I already have               Sudah Punya