About SKAL

Skal is the only international organization which brings together all sectors of the travel and tourism industry. Representing the industry’s managers and executives, Skal members meet at local, national and international level in an environment of friendship to discuss subjects of common interest.

The first Club was founded in Paris in 1932 by travel trade managers who had been on an educational tour of Scandinavia and so the idea of professionals in travel and tourism working closely together in a spirit of friendship was born. By 1934, Skal achieved international status with the creation of the Association International des Skal Clubs now known worldwide as “Skal International”.

Skal now numbers over 20,000 members in over 500 Clubs spread throughout more than 87 Countries.  Most Skal activities take place locally, but the movement also features National and Area Committees under the umbrella of Skal International, which has its permanent General Secretariat in Torremolinos, Spain.

Skal International is governed by an Executive Committee of seven members, elected by member delegates to the General Assembly, which is held in conjunction with the World Congress. The General Secretariat is the management body. The five-day Congress is hosted by a different country each year, thus offering members and their companions the opportunity of observing, at first hand, the travel and tourism industry potential of other countries.